Jamie’s Fifteen


Parents came to visit and in our little shot at famous restaurants we went for Jamie’s Fifteen, the trattoria side of the restaurant.



5. 6.

This is what we had:

  1. Fifteen’s Signature Antipasti
  2. Mozarella
  3. Radiatori with a rich pork and beef ragu, flat leaf parsley and Fontodi Estate olive oil
  4. Roast pork loin
  5. Black pepper tagliatelli with carbonara
  6. Vegetable filled ravioli

When we arrived we were invited to sit at the bar tables and have a drink as the trattoria hasn’t really opened yet (we arrived about 5-10 minutes before 6pm).  We ended up ordering our drinks at the table as by the time we had decided on what to get the table was ready. We ordered their version of Pimm’s, which is made with Tanqueray gin instead of Pimm’s No. 1, it was delicious. (I will most probably put up a recipe on here at some point)  The waitress for our table was wonderful, she was born to be a waitress — friendly, bubbly, knew what to recommend and knew all the answers to our questions.  We had quite a nice time and despite hearing different things about Jamie Oliver, this restaurant proved to be a decent one and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a relaxed, casual dinner place.


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