Arang, Picadilly Circus


This is definitely one of my most highly rated restaurants in London.  Arang is in Golden Square, Picadilly Circus (take Exit 1 at the station) and serves quite authentic Korean food.

To start with, you get given a variety of appetisers.  There is kimchi, the classic Korean version of sauerkraut.  Then you get a mustardy potato salad with cucumber and carrot chunks, and then marinated beansprouts.

For meat-eaters. definitely order the raw beef starter (Yuk Whe).  It sounds daunting yes, but I’ve not met anyone who doesn’t like it after trying it.  It is a wonderful concoction of thinly cut strips of raw beef in a tasty soy and sesame oil marinade mixed with a raw egg and sliced pear.  The only way I can describe is a carnivore’s heaven.

Then order Chap Che, delicious stir-fried glass noodles with beef.  The glass noodles has a really nice texture, it’s not as soft as your average noodle but at the same time totally absorbs the marinade and the seasoning.

The Jeuk Bokkeum (spicy stir-fried pork) is another must-try.  It is slightly spicy but very tasty.

We then ordered deep fried beef with terriyaki sauce.  The beef is so tender it’s almost like eating butter.  All the beef pieces are lightly battered and the teriyaki sauce is just sweet and sticky enough to coat the beef pieces.

The staff there are always friendly and welcoming without being intrusive.  We got there on time for our reservation but the people at the table before us stayed for later than they’d expected so we got offered free drinks on the house.  That’s good service!

For more details (like a number to book a table there for!) go to their website


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