Aladin Brick Lane


Opted for curry at Brick Lane today, seeing as it”s one of the things Brick Lane is famous for.  Personally it was an excellent choice.

To start with, we were given some poppadoms with a choice of 4 condiments:

The condiments were all lovely and tasted very nice.

Then we had 3 mains (Lamb Tikka Sugathi, Tandoori Butter Chicken and Balti Madras Chicken) and a Saag Aloo to share, as well as Garlic Rice.

All of these were really tasty and nicely cooked, they all came piping hot and smelt really fragrant.

Apart from the fact that despite having booked ahead and being 2 minutes late, we still had to wait for around  5 minutes for a table only to find ourselves having to share a table with 2 other diners, I would definitely recommend this restaurant to curry lovers.  The waiters were all very friendly and efficient and catered well for one of our party’s peanut allergy.  The restaurant was of the noisy type but at the same time it created a very laid-back atmosphere.

You can look at their website and look at the menu should you be interested in dining there!


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