Chez Gérard in Covent Garden


Met a friend today for a late lunch and decided to go to Chez Gérard in Covent Garden.  Food was pretty good if not slightly overpriced as you would expect in a Central London restaurant.

After being pressed into ordering a bottle of still water (750mL for £3.20 mind you) instead of getting tap water, we were given the usual complimentary bread basket with butter and olives.  It was average to say the least, the bread was very very crunchy on the crust and quite tough on the inside, but it tasted very nice.

For starters (or entrée, if you must) we had garlic butter escargots and jambon persillé (hamhock terrine with parsley jelly and a mustard grain sauce); the escargots were quite nice, but slightly chewy and not seasoned enough — the garlic butter they were cooked in was tasty but none of that flavour seemed to have been soaked up by the escargots themselves; the terrine was nice as well, I found it slightly on the dry side but the flavours were lovely and the sauce was just mustardy enough to cut the meatiness of the terrine but not overwhelming the dish:

For our mains we had Moules Frites and Steak Frites; the Moules Frites was, again, average, nothing phenomenal but quite tasty, I found the sauce slightly bland but otherwise it was tasty; the Steak Frites was nice, apart from the fact that the beef was slightly stringy, being a piece of rump steak

All in all I was pretty happy with the meal at Chez Gérard.


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