A disappointing teppanyaki


Having enjoyed teppanyaki previously in Hong Kong, I decided I fancied having it for dinner tonight.  Went on toptable, saw a really good deal (50% off for a designated set meal) at Sen Nin Teppanyaki, Islington.

Now to start with, I had quite a nice mocktail, Sen Nin Cooler.

Then we had a pretty exciting start to the meal, flames and all. Yes that was about 2 feet away from us.

Following that was a pretty bog standard miso soup, and an appetiser platter with chicken gyoza, vegetable springrolls, salmon maki and mixed leaves salad.

Then we had egg fried rice and then scallops, beef, chicken.  Then finally dessert of cheesecake.

Now. I’m sure you all think, well aren’t you just being a food snob complaining about nice-looking food.

No I’m not.  To avoid committing the crime of libel, I’m going to end this post by saying that the meal left me pretty cold, I did not really enjoy the chef’s constant interaction with us and consistent efforts in making us interact with other diners as I found it more distracting than fun.  I also found the constant bursts of flames as new diners joined the table behind us exceedingly irritating, the novelty of exploding flames had worn off after experiencing the first one.

This meal cost us £22.50 per head with the 50% discount, and jasmine tea itself cost me £1.60, plum wine a whopping £9!!


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