New Project


As people with an addiction think of the next available opportunity to engage in the activity to which they are addicted, I think of the next opportunity for when I can cook.  I find that I enjoy cooking ‘freehand’ a lot more than having to refer to cold, printed words that materialise in my head as a monotonous tannoy voice.

I find it challenging when friends ask me to ‘teach’ them how to cook certain things or ask me for recipes of things I have cooked them — more often than not I don’t have a recipe for things or I haven’t actually cooked according to the recipe.

And so, I have decided to compose my own book of recipes, a collection of recipes I have inadvertently made up, taken from other published recipes and collected from friends and family.  If anyone should come across an interesting recipe, or even just a favourite fail-safe recipe, please send it my way to be added into the collection!


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