Blogging has become a rather old-fashioned, and if not well-managed, poncey (or in my boyfriend’s words, ‘very uncool’) thing to do.  Weird, sometimes interesting people from all over the world dedicate hours a day, revealing snippets (or too much) of their lives, some painstakingly depicting themselves to have the perfect life, some bluntly honest.

My main reasons behind opening up an account on here are boredom, lack of audience for my ramblings (apart from my very patient boyfriend) and possibly one more reason to become a permanent resident on the Internet.

This is not going to be a daily journal telling you what I ate in the morning, how long I took in the shower, what brand cereal I had, etc.  Rather, it will be an extra channel for communication (ramblings, really) on matters such as books, current affairs, what I did, saw or heard about, etc.

In short, this is not going to be a magnificent piece of literature so if you find yourself waning in concentration already at this point, go away and find something better to do.


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